API 752/753

Third Edition API RP 752:2009 & API RP 753:2007

API Recommended Practice 752 serves to assist facilities in appropriately evaluating the siting of structures within the facility confines. Evaluation of the facility siting requires an identification of hazards, modeling of the hazards, and the development of recommendations to reduce risk to personnel and facility structures.

This third edition of API 752:2009 supersedes all previous editions, including the technical data provided in those documents. Significant research and development of technology pertinent to building siting evaluations has been performed since the publication of the previous editions of API RP 752. Examples of updated technology include prediction of blast damage to buildings, determination of occupant vulnerabilities, and estimates of event frequencies. Prior versions of API RP 752 and the technical data included in them should not be used for building siting evaluations.

The second edition of API RP 752:2003 covered all building types both permanent and portable. This third edition of API RP 752:2009 does not cover portable buildings. Portable buildings are now covered by API RP 753:2007. It is recognized, however, that portable buildings specifically designed for significant blast load represent a potential area of overlap between API RP 753 and API RP 752.

Risk Management Professionals has assisted facilities in implementing API RP 752/753 and coordinating with the facilities to implement measures which reduce risks identified by the evaluation.

RMP’s utlizes the following approach to comply with API 752/753:

  • Hazard Identification – On-site walk through to identify hazards. Coordination with facility personnel to identify specific areas of concern based on operating experience
  • Hazard Modeling – Explosion, fire and toxic modeling to identify risks associated with specific areas of concern
  • Report and Recommendations – Developing a report of findings with specific recommendations to ensure the facility complies with API RP 752/753