Hazardous Materials Area Plan (HMAP)

California Health and Safety Code (HSC) Section 25503(c) requires local agencies administering the provisions of HSC Chapter 6.95 to prepare a Hazardous Materials Area Plan for responses to hazardous materials releases within their jurisdiction.  Certified Unified Program Agencies (CUPAs) are required to complete and maintain a comprehensive Hazardous Materials Area Plan.  In addition, administering agencies must certify that the Area Plan has been reviewed and, if necessary, revised every three years.

The primary purpose of the Hazardous Materials Area Plan is to assist agencies and businesses in developing their hazardous materials pre-emergency planning activities and emergency response roles by functioning as a response planning and guidance resource.  The Area Plan describes the emergency organization, assigns tasks, specifies policy and general procedures, and provides coordination between business and local responders for all phases of emergency planning for a hazardous materials incident or emergency.

Risk Management Professionals develops high quality Hazardous Materials Area Plans that are compiled in a user-friendly format, and that includes a detailed Risk Assessment (with GIS profiles of associated hazards), Response Protocols, Contact Information (Local Contacts, OES, HazMat Contractors, etc.) and incident recovery.  Paper copies of the Area Plan are provided to the client in addition to the electronic files, which eases the maintenance and implementation of current information while performing a Plan update.

Additionally, Risk Management Professionals has significant experience developing Hazardous Materials Emergency Planning (HMEP) Grant applications for the development of Area Plans.  The HMEP Grants Program provides technical and financial assistance to states, territories, and Indian tribes and their subdivisions to prepare and train for hazardous materials incidents.