B-109 Audits

IIAR Bulletin 109 (B-109) Audits

The International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration (IIAR) issues their Bulletins as useful and informative documents written to serve as best practice guidelines where no other standard or guidance exists.  The IIAR Bulletin 109 (B-109) provides guidance on minimum safety criteria for a safe ammonia refrigeration system.  These criteria are intended to be applied during annual and five-year safety inspections and audits, which are referred to as B-109 Audits.  The criteria contain guidelines for compressors, condensers, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, evaporators, refrigerant pumps, liquid level indicators, piping systems, ventilation systems, pressure-relief devices, and general system safety requirements.

Risk Management Professionals’ services include documentation support and review for facilities to determine whether their annual audits are meeting regulatory and IIAR B-109 standards, as well as providing assistance in conducting the audits.  Risk Management Professionals has maintained an affiliate for over 5 years that has extensive ammonia system operational experience and can effectively conduct B-109 Audits in accordance with the IIAR guidance and other applicable industry standards.